Local IKiribati children face an uncertain future as their islands' capacity to support the population diminishes. Photo: Finn Frandsen, Politiken

Education key to Kiribati’s future

Australia Network Pacific Correspondent Sean Dorney’s article on Kiribati President His Excellency Anote Tong’s recent interview with Australia Network’s Newsline and joint statement with Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Bob Carr to the UN Security Council …

The President of Kiribati says education is the key to the future of his people threatened by climate change.

President Anote Tong told Australia Network’s Newsline that if some of the Kiribati population has to relocate he wants them to qualify as skilled migrants, not climate refugees.

President Tong made a joint statement to the United Nations Security Council with Australia’s foreign minister, Bob Carr.

“We are asking for assistance from Australia to try and put this across… to the international community, to make the point that… climate change for some countries is a very serious security issue,” he said.

President Tong said his government’s purchase of land in Fiji is an investment for the future.

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