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Kiribati, Tuvalu and Marshall Islands push for immediate and urgent action

HE  FL introduction at 45 PIF Opening at Palau Capital

HE FL introduction at 45 PIF Opening at Palau Capital

Press release 29 July 2014

Kiribati’s Head of State, HE President Anote Tong and colleagues leaders from Tuvalu and the Marshall Islands have called on the SIS meeting in Palau to consider the seriousness of climate change and especially call for immediate and urgent action now.

“Mr. Chairman, we’ll be guided by your judgment, but I wish to propose to insert in this climate change agenda of SIS, the outcomes of the recent Coalition of Atoll Nations on Climate Change held in my country and with support from our friends Tuvalu and the Marshall Islands,” President Tong said.

The CANCC outcomes in Tarawa expressed grave concerns that global action on climate change is far too slow and urge that global momentum must match the rate at which these impacts are being felt on the ground by their people.

President Tong says early this year Kiribati, Marshall Islands and Tuvalu experienced a disastrous high tide that swamped their shores and further inland threatening the lives of their people, and as frontline states they have a responsibility to tell these compelling stories and to catalyze global action for their people and for those next to be on the frontline.

The one-day SIS summit ends with leaders emphasizing the need to make a resounding call for urgent action on climate change, to be reiterated at the Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States (SIDS), as well as the Climate Change conferences in Lima, Peru 2014 and Paris, France in 2015.

The leaders also acknowledged the range of action, assistance and collaborative efforts of CROP, bilateral and multilateral partners in progressing climate change solutions in support of Small Island States (SIS), although felt more strategic recommendations were needed if targeted direction and accelerated responses to climate change for SIS countries.

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