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Kiribati’s Golden Boy calls for “Save Our Country”

Kiribati’s 2014 Commonwealth Games Gold medallist – dubbed ‘Golden Boy’ has called to the world to help save his disappearing island country.

“Every day my people fear for their lives as their homes are lost to the rising sea levels,” David Katoatau said in a climate campaign he launched last month.

He added that “we live on an atoll with nothing but flat land and ocean surrounding us. We have nowhere to climb and nowhere to run.”

Flat Atoll copy

Aerial view of Tarawa atoll in Kiribati. No mountains or higher grounds means sea-level rise is a daily threat to the 110,00 people of Kiribati.

The 31-year old professional weightlifter has represented Kiribati in many international championship games including the 2008 and 2009 Olympic Games but perhaps the highlight of his 11-year sporting career was at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games last year where he lifted the 105kg record Gold Medal with New Zealand and England snatching Silver and Bronze after him.

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Last July at the Pacific Games in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea he furthered his glory with another Gold medal dedicated to his 110,000 fans back home in Kiribati. The New Caledonia-based sportsman is still aiming for gold at next year’s Olympic Games in Rio.

Inspired by many and many young kids back home, David Katoatau – in his own might and right – will become an ambassador for climate change seeking support from the world so that the kids back home will also have a chance to fulfil their dreams without fear of losing their homes.

Join his call- if you care, and share his message to the world!

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