Parliament Select Committee on Climate Change

The Parliament Select Committee on Climate Change (PSCCC) was first established in August 2012, during the 3rd Meeting of the 10th Parliament.

PSCCC was formed in order to engage the legislature in dialogue and formulation of responses to the threats of climate change which is considered to be a major challenge to Kiribati.

Responsibilities of the PSCCC are to:

  • Work in partnership with the communities, NGOs, stakeholders and respective departments and ministries and ensure synergies and achievement of results
  • Draw Parliament’s attention to the ongoing impacts of Climate Change on the society
  • Serve as the conduit for relating information from the Parliament to the populace and from the communities, villages and islands back to the Parliament
  • Introduce Climate Change considerations into new legislation and policies
  • Assist to build capacity of the Members of Parliament on issues of Climate Change
  • Raise awareness of stakeholders in government, non-government and community sectors on the threats posed by Climate Change
  • Promote regional and international best practice on Climate Change issues
  • Provide oversight on the progress made with climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction
  • Serve as interlocutors for donor funded projects targeting members of Parliament

The PSCCC will hold a National High-Level Public Hearing on Climate Change on Friday 19 April, 2013 from 9.30am at Bairiki Square.

The select committee members are:

  • Hon Tiarite Tioti Kwong – Chairman (MP from Abemama and Minister for MELAD)
  • Hon Rimeta Beniamina – Vice Chairman (MP from Nikunau)
  • Hon Martin Moreti – Member (MP from Aranuka)
  • Hon Teiwaki Areieta – Member (MP from Maiana)
  • Hon Kirata Temamaka – Member (MP from Kiritimati)

Activities of the committee are all funded and supported by AusAID via the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

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