Kiribati Adaptation Program – Phase I

The Kiribati Adaptation Program – Phase I (KAPI) was the preparation phase of KAP and ran from 2003 to 2005.


• Initiated the process of mainstreaming adaptation into the national economic planning of the Government of Kiribati

• Identified priority pilot investments for Phase II

• Conducted a national consultation for the preparation of the 2007 National Adaptation Program of Action (NAPA)

At the start of KAP, representatives from each of the inhabited atolls identified key climatic changes that had taken place over the past 20 to 40 years and proposed coping mechanisms to deal with these changes.

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His Excellency President Anote Tong

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President Anote Tong helps plant mangroves in a KAPII initiative to protect our coastlines.

Kiribati Adaptation Program (KAP)

Providing safe water and resilient coastal infrastructure to the people of Kiribati in the face of climate change.