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Climate Change Public Hearing panelists revealed

The National High-Level Public Hearing on Climate Change is on Friday 19 April, 2013 from 9.30am at Bairiki Square.

His Excellency President Anote Tong will lead an elite list of panel members who will address the public in the highly anticipated first-ever National High-level Public Hearing on Climate Change this Friday.

Initiated by the Parliament Select Committee on Climate Change (PSCCC), the public hearing will see panel members address the nation on the issue of climate change as well as respond to questions from the public.

Facilitated by Dr Bwaranite Kirata, the 12-strong panel will include Kiribati National Council of Churches Chairman Bishop Paul Mea, Boutokaan te Koaua Party representative Martin Tofinga, Karikirakean te I – Kiribati Party Chairman Tetabo Nakara, Maurin Kiribati Party Chairman Rutiano Benetito and Kiribati Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KCCI) President Tekeeua Tarati. A full list of panel members is provided below.

Vice Chairman of the Select Committee on Climate Change and Nikunau MP Rimeta Beniamina said the Committee hoped the public hearing would enhance the understanding of the general public about the issue of climate change and their responsibilities as citizens to complement the Government’s efforts to implement adaptation programs as well as encourage national leaders to jointly work together to prepare people for climate change adaptation.

“The overarching aim in conducting a public hearing as such is to keep citizens informed and to consolidate a national shared hope and vision for a better future of the people of Kiribati while adapting to the impacts of climate change,” he said. Adding, the theme for the event would be “Let’s work together to build national resilience against Climate Change impacts”.

The public hearing is on Friday, 19 April 2013 at the Bairiki Square starting from 9.30 am and will be broadcast live across Kiribati on BPA National Radio.

The general public is invited to participate in this national event. For those who can’t attend, voice your questions on our Facebook page and a select number will be submitted to the panel on the day.

National High-level Public Hearing on Climate Change panelists:

1. HE President Anote Tong, Head of State

2. Bishop Paul Mea, Chairman of Kiribati National Council of Churches (KNCC)

3. Mr Rimeta Beniamina, Vice Chairman of Parliament Select Committee on Climate Change (PSCCC)

4. Mr Martin Tofinga, representative from Boutokaan te Koaua Party and MP from Betio

5. Mr Tetabo Nakara, Chairman of Karikirakean te I-Kiribati Party and MP from Beru

6. Mr Rutiano Benetito, Chairman of Maurin Kiribati Party and MP from Marakei

7. Mr Nakibae Teuatabu, local expert on climate change

8. Mrs Moia Tetoa, President of Aia Mwaea Ainen Kiribati (AMAK, Kiribati National Women’s Federation)

9. Mr Tekeeua Tarati, President of Kiribati Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KCCI)

10. Ms Floreen Tikau, youth representative

11. Mr Tekamangu Bwauiira, disabled community representative

12. Mr Ueanteiti, representative from the most affected community

Dr Bwaranite Kirata will act as Facilitator/Moderator of Discussions